So you run an online booking business and want to start automating your processes to save time and improve your customers’ user experience. Whether you’re a wedding hire, equipment hire or any other kind of hire business – there’s online options which can integrate with your website.

Here’s an outline of the best booking platforms for hire businesses:


From small equipment hire, car hire right through to large scale décor, Booqable provides a rental hire platform which can help your business convert more sales and spend less time on administration.

Booqable provides website plugin functionality to easily add rental functions to your existing website without any emails, calls or paperwork when your customers hire your products.

Features include barcode scanning, email templates, contracts and invoicing, shopping carts, coupons, payment processing, and calendar integrations.

Pricing begins at $29/month up to $249/month, with the feature differences primarily based on the number of staff logins (seats) required.

Classic Party Hire uses Booqable for their event hire website, noting that Booqable’s calendar functionality means that any client who looks on their website can clearly see what products are available on any particular date.

EZ RentOut

EZ RentOut is a rental booking platform which helps both B2B and B2C rental businesses from tools, party, furniture, AV and sports hiring. Purporting to be the only  off the shelf platform on the market which tracks each specific products through unique barcoding of each hire item. This allows the user to clearly manage their inventory, remove lower return on investment items and manage overall performance.

Features include functionality for car and boat rental businesses, inspection management, late fee calculators, recurring rental payments, scheduling, multiple-location inventory tracking and reservations management.

Pricing begins at $49.98 through to $224.95 per month, with 10% discounts for annual paid subscriptions. There is also a free trial available. Additional users above the subscription levels can be added at $20/month.

EZ RentOut integrates with Quickbooks, WordPress, Paypal, Stripe and dozens of other leading applications. They also do note on their website that if there is an app integration currently not available, you can request they build the integration.


Amelia is one of the more simple systems for booking management, but still with potent features and integrations.

Features include SMS notifications, event management, Google calendar synchronisation, group appointment booking, service bookings etc. Unlike other platforms, Amelia provides a special focus on allowing non-physical products, events and meetings booking.

Pricing starts at $59/yr throught to $249/yr, with pricing being variable dependent of number of domains be utilised, than restrictions of features.

With any Amelia purchase you receive 12 months of premium support and monthly updates.

Amelia integrates with WordPress and is installed as a plugin, so can be used with any existing theme.


When looking at rental hire and booking systems, work out exactly you need for your business in terms of functionality, the types of products you hire and your budget. Thankfully with the expansion in off the shelf solutions, it’s now possible for even micro businesses to integrate seamless automated booking systems into their websites.